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 Relieved from the weight pressed down on her leg, she stayed on her position and rotated her ankle left right, up and down, feeling if something had twisted out of place. Satisfied that there was nothing more than a slight discomfort on her foot, she sighed and gave a reassuring sort of snort to Odaeus that everything was fine. 

 Finally feeling the shock from the earlier event gone, she sat upright and threw half of herself onto the dead prey, patting gleefully at its soft sides. “Hoooooweeee Odaeus, you got a really really big one!” she smiled and continued patting on its belly, jiggling it around out of playfulness. “Wow it’s kinda fat too, you really got a good one, really plump yeah. It must’ve fed off a lot of nice grasses and such, bet this guy would taste really good!” she chirped. She stood up and walked around the carcass, plopping herself down again in front of the belly and taking out a curved knife, perfect for the job of butchering meat. “Let’s split this thing 50-50? I don’t think I can carry that much meat home so yeah, 50-50”.

 She began skinning away the hide, making swift yet careful scores between the soft skin and the gelatinous mass of fat and tissues covering the muscles. “Odaeus could you hold this end of the hide for a moment please?” She paused, before continuing at her work. She pulled the hide aside and carved through the abdomen with ease, pulling the insides out while slicing away at its attachments. “Do you happen to eat some of the intestines? I’ll save some for you, I’ve heard some people don’t really like this stuff because of it being ‘icky’ and such but hey, use everything there is yeah?”.

 After it was all cleaned out on the inside, she moved onto its torso, repeating the process earlier by skinning away at its chest. She had finally encountered a little trouble with the ribs, gritting her teeth and grating her knife through the bone. Her knife slipped through her blood-soaked hands a few times, which at one time almost flew completely out of her hand. She grumbled and finally stopped at her work, feeling exhausted. “Uhm, Odaeus, would you happen to be alright in a little bit of butchering?” she said, meekly handing her bloody knife at him. “Ummm… I don’t think I can do this… Alone… Big horse ahaha…” she laughed nervously.

Relief was plain to see all over Odaeus’ face. Out here in the desert, he would not have been confident in taking care of her had she sustained an awful injury.

Watching Viczar toss herself on the carcass, Odaeus couldn’t help grinning as if he was watching a child play. She was so pleased and excited - and even though it was over a dead animal - it was cute.
"50-50 sounds good."

Her skills in skinning the animal went in questioned. He didn’t think anything of it because he expected it of her. He helped out in holding back any parts she needed him to. He also thanked her for saving some guts for him, as he favoured them in a broth.

The first time the knife slipped from Viczar’s hand Odaeus didn’t make much of it, with blood slicked hands it has happened to him before too, but her trouble soon became concerning.
He wore a funny little lopsided grin while she spoke sheepishly.

"Hah, ‘course. Don’t worry ‘bout it." He accepted her knife, seeing as how he had yet to retrieve his own from the sand. "Though, to be honest, I didn’t think you’d be having any problems.. you sure you’re okay? You don’t, uh- well, I don’t remembering you being the kind of person who’d, y’know, tire out so quickly? S’not like you.. Tackling the horse should have been easy by yourself.."
Even though his concern for Viczar was evident in his voice, that did not stop Odaeus from skillfully separating the horse’s meat from it’s ribs. He had always been particularly skillful around bones.

 She let out a somewhat agitated snort. “No? I’m okay. One hundred percent okay. I’m just…” she paused, and her eyes darted somewhere, thinking of what excuse to use. “A little… Bit…” she let out another snort “Different”.

 She rubbed her hands together uncomfortably, still sticky and slick from the horse’s blood. Her eyes wandered over to Odaeus’s eyes, and she then began to panic over what to say. Her throat constricted as it felt like her heart went up and lodged itself inside. By this time she had realized that her lies were already too obvious to hide, and she might as well say it.

Reluctantly, she started stuttering and tried to tell him the truth. “O-o-okay maybe, I am not exactly normal. Different. I g-g-g-guess I’m unwelp. UNWELL! I meant unwell! What I meant to say is… I’m far from nor-nor-no-normal NO! Well okay uh… Well… See… Erm… For a few days, maybe… I’m not sure. It’s th-th-that, you know… That… Why… WHAT I MEAN IS…” she paused, sighed deeply and shyly lifted her shirt up to her chest, showing her stomach. “I’m sick”.


hirathewayfarer asked:

Ah, 'ello? I don't believe I've...ah, ever actually come across tribal Travelers. *Stumbles up, keeping a cautious distance. Seems she's a wee bit out of it, likely from having spent so long out of the old city, out in the open desert.*

viczar answered:

*Sniff sniff sniff* Halloooooo odd-smelling friend or food thing. I have never snuffed you before.

 Tribe? I haven’t been in or in my tribe for at least a year now. I do belong in one, problem is, I can’t remember who they were or what happened. Where do you come from dancing odd-smelling friend food?




*The sudden approach sends her tumbling backwards into the sand out of surprise!* A-ah! Hey, careful!

*As to how she smells, it’s most like exceptionally old, musty stonework and tapestry. She blinks and looks up, before slowly returning to her feet, glancing around before focusing on you.*

Not a tribal? Hrrm. My m-mistake, then. I am…ah…I am from the old cities. Around the base of the Mountain. B-been mostly lingering there to scavenge. Thought I saw…cloth out this way, been coming to g-gather it. N-need it.

 The curious red wayfarer snuffed and snuffed at this peculiar new wayfarer she had never seen before. The smell of old cloth reminded her very much of her bed, and who doesn’t like their bed? She couldn’t help but be sort of attracted to this one.

 ”More cloth? I guess you DO like cloth. You smell like cloth too, LOT’S OF CLOTH! I AM from a tribe, but just not sure which one or where they went off to. Clooooth… Cloooth…” she mumbled. She then raised her scarf, which slowly swung as a heavy golden orb in the end of the scarf swayed. “How about this one? Orrrrrrr” she paused yet again, pulling at the end of her hood “This one? This one is cloth” and tugged at the end of her long robe “This?”.

What…Hira did not see this coming. Was she literally -offering- parts of her robe up? On occasion, she’d ‘borrowed’ small snippets or strips from others if she thought she could get away with it, but with THIS sort of display sitting right in front of her….she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to take it, now, it just seemed odd to go about it quite like this.

"Uhm…" She started, blinking, still. "W-well…it IS all rather lovely, yes. Are you…is it entirely alright if I have some?" She tentatively asked. "I-if not, that’s fine, I just n-need some cloth for…reasons."

 ”Have some?” she crooned. She paused and thought about it, and remembered a ragged one in her home that she didn’t use anymore, as it was ripped and torn from some events ago. “Well sure I DO have some to spare! They’re raggedy but if you want, you could have them. My home is just a few sprints away but we could walk there!”.

 She began nudging the wayfarer towards the direction of her home before walking onwards. “So what is your name odd-smelling friend? And why you need my cloth?”


viczar asked:

Heya Vanem? Would you happen to have any books or such about breeding?

wayfarer-vanem answered:

"Ah, VicZar, so good of you to drop by," said Vanem to his unexpected visitor. "It has been a rather long time since we have seen each other. I was just making some tea. Would you care for a cup?"

Vanem paused at the question. “Breeding, you say?”

At first Vanem was confused. What kind of breeding did she mean? Animal husbandry, perhaps? Considering that she simply hunted wild game for her food, he did not see where she would need such information.

It was not until he got a better look at her did he put two and two together and understood exactly what “breeding” she was talking about.

"Ah, I see. I assume congratulations are in order," Vanem said. "I am not sure I have anything other than historical data. Having never fathered a child myself, it is not something about which I have gathered much information."

He paused a moment.

"Of course that depends on what part of the, ah, process that concerns you."

Certainly, he realized, the “how to” part had already been covered …



She simply slumped on her chair, making her body appear smaller as she nodded “Yes please”. She started slipping her tongue in and out of her mouth, licking her sharp canines as she heard Vanem say “Fresher than that”, which obviously meant fresh bloody meat. 

 She slipped deeper and deeper into her loose clothes (which is 2 sizes too big for her), like a turtle hiding its head back into it’s shell.

Vanem hurried down to his cellar and to his food stores. As he had suspected, he did not have very much in the way of fish, but VicZar was welcome to whatever he had. The food merchants would reach his settlement perhaps as early as that evening, and he could procure more.

He did have plenty of dried meat. He gathered a rather generous portion of it, added it to the fish, and headed back upstairs. He presented what he had to VicZar. “Hopefully this will tide you over until we can arrange for more, ah, proper sustenance for you. There is another settlement not too far away where several hunters live. I am sure I could arrange something.”

 Looking at the dish full of goodies, her mouth began salivating and she would’ve swiped it out of Vanem’s hands if she was desperate. Luckily she wasn’t, and is still sane enough to politely reach out for it with a “Thank you” and eat. Though the moment the food touched her lips, she couldn’t stop and wolfed down everything in a few seconds.

 Fish, few fish or no fish at all, she was greatly pleased and a small croon escaped her lips. She did give off a few hiccups before smiling at Vanem. “Thank ye thank you I’ve been desperate for fish for daaaaaaaaays Hic!” a hiccup interrupted her before she continued. “Really? They sell fish? Fish fish? Big ones? Big, bright-eyed silver and blue fish? Because so far, the only fish I’ve seen around are minnows. They hardly satisfy me. Not that I’m blaming them, there’s only pools around here and no lakes or such for bigger fish”. Viczar then began too look around, snuffing about in his book case, looking at the books and papers in it. HACHOO. "What are these about?" she chirped, as she picked one of the books out of the shelf.

So I was saying to Scarfy that Vic had another name, which was her real name and then me and Scarfy were joking around in Skype that she’s actually a devil in her true form so… It led to this.





(BTW if anybody is curious, if Scarfy ever makes the wish, the moment his wish is fullfilled, Vic would tear onto his throat and send his soul to be damned in the glitch world. Smart Scarfy.)

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