((To tell you the truth, I’m only up to Saika. Because my game is the free-demo kind, idk how to buy the full game, even if I want to ^^; So no I don’t have a score on Entrance or Magnolia, but I DO have Entrance on my Cytus game))

Anonymous asked:

if Yag ever came back to you would you consider dating him again?

 I don’t really want to talk about him.

 But if you must know, I’m not sure myself if I would. I won’t say that I had the worst days with him, and he did me the joys of the flesh. But then I got pregnant and as days went by I got more and more stressed as I was with him, and yet I also got stressed when I WASN’T with him. I don’t blame him at all for what happened, as I was uneducated that not being careful foolin’ around would lead to pregnancy.

 What worries me the most right now is how disappointed he would be that the child is dead, as the last time I saw him, I was still pregnant.

Anonymous asked:

Love doesn't necessarily have to include 'reproduction'; Sicaro doesn't look like a guy who'd enjoy it that much anyway (~o3o)~. There are also couples who love each other dearly yet don't 'reprodcue'.

 I don’t even know how Sicaro looks like.

He might be a tall bunny rabbit under that mask.

Anonymous asked:

So I hear you listen to deemo. (Even though I was the one that sent the message to scarfy)

 Huh. Must be one of those new kinds of wayfarers. What kind of wayfarer are ya? Where’s yer cloak, or are you like me who doesn’t have one?

((Mod note: Listen to Deemo? I PLAY Deemo on my tablet. XD

I never perfect it though unlike Cytus. The highest I got is 99.97 :P ))