Some of you know that I’ve been going through some rough times because of my parents’ divorce last year and right now things are taking a turn for the worse. I really hate ranting this kind of things, but right now my mom and I are going through stress because my dad hasn’t given us “my” pension…

Oh ancestors Vic! DID YOU AND YAG…

Oh no worries Scarfy, demons are hermaphrodites, so I made all these babies by myself!

Okay… If you say so…?

I even named each one of them! That blue-ish one over there is Shelly, and this one over here is Moorn, and THIS one I named it Scarfy, because it has freckles and speckles! Here take a look! I even drew a face on him hee hee.

Ohhhhhhhhh no, I don’t want to, and especially I don’t want any more demons. One demoness is enough, so…

Hello sir! You’re the one who chirped for me right? I sell all kinds of pet foods! Fresh, pelleted, you name it!

Hi! Uh, would you happen to have… Rabbit?

Rabbit? Oh yeah I have that. There’s the crunchy kind, the low carb high fibre kind, fruity kind…

Oh no I mean a real rabbit. You know, meat-eater pet?

Sorry sir I don’t have rabbits as food, but what kind of pet is it sir? Maybe I could get you something else for it?

Ah, sadly no. You don’t understand, you see…

My anaconda want none unless you got bun.

((Vic is being a baby here she won’t eat unless she gets a rabbit whahahaha I finally used that meme floating around)) ((btw she’s a snake demoness that I drew back then in an AU))

Anonymous asked:

-Drops a Wooly wayfarer in your lap.- Enjoy Viczar. > : D

UGH, what did they send me now? Ancestors what the heck are you? Tiny… Sneeze-causing thing.

Th-th-th-th-there’s more of them!!!

Oh how will I get out of this.